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soil. this after capturing an al-qaeda spokesman and the son-in-law of usama bin laden overseas and then bringing him to new york city to face trial. within steps of the 9/11 memorial. fox news correspondent doug mckelway has our report. >> reporter: the not guilty plea in federal court this morning to one count of conspiracy to kill americans sets the stage for a high profile terrorist trial just blocks from ground zero. it reignites intense republican criticism of the obama administration for trying terrorism suspects in civilian courts where miranda rights apply. >> if this man right next to usama bin laden involved in the attacks on our country on 9/11, don't you think it would be important that we not tell him that he has the right to remain silent? >> reporter: ayotte along with senators mccain and graham today again condemned the decision in a statement that said, quote: >> r eporter: a family member of a 9/11 victim also weighed in. >> my concern is a guy like this comes to a civilian court, he's put away. hopefully, he would be convicted, but it wouldn't, it's not -- it
want to avoid another terrible situation like sandy hook. we have to enforce the laws that we have. a few more laws, okay. but they are not going to solve the problem. we must enforce the ones that we have. lou: we must talk another time about that assault weapons ban. mayer, it is so great to have you here. always good to see you. venezuelan president hugo chavez died today after a two-year battle with cancer. the vice president making the announcement just hours after they expelled two u.s. diplomats in the country. his cancer was caused, he said, by power play. he gradually placed all state institutions, including the oil industry under his direct control. he frequently railed against the united states in an effort to promote a leftist recycle across latin america as well as his own country. hugo chavez, 58 years old. lou: no more drama obama. has the president proved his professional standing with the author of the best-selling book the amateur? ed klein is coming up next. and the dow jones at a new record high. u.s. economist stephen whiting on where the market is headed. than
for your clients at all times. we believe that the practices are consistent with the law and fair to all parties and we provide valuable services to 401k clients for whom fidelity services is a recordkeeper and trustee. they didn't have another show tonight. i really appreciate your time. here is a boost for your 401k toy. the dow jones putting up with a sixth straight day. bringing the index to yet another all-time high. traders are rallying under the unemployment rate, dropping down a little. my next guest is here with us, and he has some interesting research out. i want to start with today's jobs numbers. you say that they may not be all they could be. this is not what we were expecting. >> this was the blowout report. it gets pushed to the upside in the report. but we knew that the data would be seasonally pushed out. the anybody can do this at home, you dislocate year-over-year growth rates of what you find is the payroll jobs growth has fallen today do not blow. >> the direction of jobs growth is very clearly, that it's very different from the headlines come almost every
law when they weren't insured. the obama law, reduced 10 billion over 10 years, provides bonuses to doctors to provide the medicaid patients. so what i think, this is the latest complaint in had a series of complaints about the health care law that turn out not to be true, from detractors from the law and then what we see is the supreme court embraces it, republican governors are embracing it and everybody is embracing it. >> it's still going to bend the health curve, that health care costs are going to go down? i thought that's been debunked. >> no, the other issue with about premiums going up. >> brenda: i'm sorry, we've got to move this conversation. we've got to move this information. we don't have time right now. toby, doctor shortages, that what we're talking about, is obamacare causing them. >> we've had doctor shortages for the last five years and again, use massachusetts. massachusetts has the second most physicians per population in the united states. now, if anybody was not going to have shortages, they would be it, right? well, they went from a 21 day waiting period f
ways and means oversight committee, part of the committee for writing tax laws. we have douglas holtz he didn't with us. regarding how the middle class will be treated with obamacare, it turns out the promises are not true. >> i think that is unmistakable. obamacare has a lot of tax in it. this is $800 billion in taxes and when you hear that that is kind of a number, you wonder who will foot the bill. a lot of these will turn out to be higher insurance premiums, some of them will be taxes directly on the policy. a lot of them are going to harm economic growth. in the end, we know how many workers are out there and we know how poor the income growth has been. gerri: even now, people don't really understand what we are going to be on the hook for. health insurance premiums taxes, which you've just mentied, medical device taxes, it is quick to be devastating to companies. people are going to lose jobs and employer individual insurance is going to rising costs as well. we were promised that it wasn't going to raise the deficit. but will it? >> i don't see others how there's any way that t
. i know what we do know. i bet you that this facility laid down the law to all its employees, don't do this. don't do that. because you could be sued. and we don't want -- we want to go outside this narrow area -- we don't want to go outside this narrow area at all because we worry about a lawsuit. you know that's the case. >> if that is the case, it's reprehensible. particularly in california one would think that a patient in a healthcare facility would have their life saved and the healthcare facility would not be concerned about a lawsuit -- charles: the woman who made the 911 call at this point she's got to feel like, you know, totally distraught. does she have a lawsuit against her employer? stuart: good one. >> i don't know who made the 911 call. she doesn't have a lawsuit against her -- charles: she could say my employer stopped me from helping this woman, i thought i would be under some legal jeopardy, and it turns out i wouldn't have been and now i have to live this for the rest of my life. >> the only conceivable lawsuit is the estate of the woman who died. the woman is
, then more money and investment will not produce better results. we have to fix the laws and policies that govern how schools are run and whether or not we're putting kids interests before adults' interest, and only after we fix those laws and policies will then an additional investment result in better outcomes for kids. john: fixes it means competition. your group got laws passed in that direction lifting the charter cap in mieshz. bliewk to you. thank you, michelle rhee. >> thank you. john: one who says she has evil is joe del grosso. at the top of the show, he was in a meeting attacking charter schools and also doesn't like for-profit competition. >> market driven education belongs on wall street, not broad street. john: you got a lot of applause for that, joe, thank you for joining us. >> yes. john: bob bowdon, made a movie calmed "the cartel," saying you're a cartel like a conspiracy of people trying to keep prices up, competition out. >> no. you're wrong about that. why keep competition away? >> you said it on the clip saying if it's market driven, it's bad. >> no, i said that
doesdifference does it make. buying drugs on the street. you are against the law and that has nothing to do with whether or not you are on welfare. you are on welfare or drunk. >> here's the theory. if i put a check on your right pocket. aren'tip paying for your drugs? >> yes, i am violating the law in the first place. if i rob a bank it is it the same thing. >> if you are going to do it. you have to make the treatment programs are affordable and accessible. millions was americans suffer and only 11 percent in proper treatment programs. >> costs more to do it >> corporate america drug test. is it kind of the same thing. >> hold ohold on. >> simple. >> we'll get marjorie in it. >> if i work for fox and they want to drug test me. ifip fail, they fire my. why can't we do that with welfare assistance. there is it plentev - plenty of other programs that they dot get tested. corporate america is one thing and an question but harder to implement. >> but a simple moral end to this eric. legalized druppings and end welfare and costs taxpayers no one. >> johnathon that is a big can of worms. thank yo
't that what happened? ripley's law. stuart: i'm afraid you're right. and there are other stories we'll cover for you today. here is what we've got. we keep saying that the rich are leaving california because of higher taxes. they're not alone. the wall street journal alicia finley is here, and saying many lower income workers and hispanics are leaving the golden state as well. don't you wish you could choose whatever wireless provider you want and keep your phone? there's a major push to keep that happening, and why is there a push from the white house? judge napolitano. an elderly woman dies at an assisted living facility after a worker refused to perform cpr on her. the woman signed a contract knowing that's a possibility. where does top trial lawyer mark lanier stand on this one when he legality stands in the way of humanity? and just like the dow tax record 2.7 trillion dollars, all time high, why do we have a deficit of a trillion dollars a year? surely this is a spending problem, isn't it? all right, next, a former democrat senator who's seen the light on debt. when will her former col
that there is no limitation so where the battlefield this and that america is part of the battlefield. they want the law of worse to apply heat on the new process. of our soldiers are shooting you don't have the allaire. you kill the enemy. in america, part of america is not the battlefield, you do get a lawyer. you dvd process if you're an america. lou: want to turn in five major to of this senior senators on the republican party. nighter then be particularly gracious, insulting as they could possibly be. saying to you, come down. much of what you are declaring, ridiculous. and as you were standing in the midst of the senate, they were having dinner with the president of the united states and ten other senators who were conducting, if you will, a bipartisan feast at the president's -- on the president's time. what is your reaction to their comments? >> i think on this particular issue there on the wrong side of the history. people on a right to trial by jury, due process, the right to be indicted and charged, you really are arguing against the bill of rights. they literally have. last year we passed le
the streets safer, force federal gun laws on the books against gangs and violent felons. this is a decade-long attack on the second amendment and that is really what it is. lou: how do you react when a senator wants to come across as he did in the 2010 campaign a top nra gun supporter, and now he is quiet. >> well, the legislation if you're talking about the legislation. lou: i'm talking about the senator and his attitude on the second amendment, why wouldn't he stand up? >> i don't know why he is silent other than maybe represents west virginia and people in west virginia want the second amendment protected. the guns they were talking about banning under diane feinstein's bill performed a different then ththenthe guns they were bannin. the cartridges on the small end of the power scale of rifle cartridges, and yet they say they want to ban that because it is more powerful, like our soldiers use. every round beer hunters use whether it is 243, 270, 30 odd six, or bigger calibers, 308, they are all larger calibers, they don't want to ban those. gun owners know the truth. that is why they a
and appropriate under the constitution and the applicable laws of the united states for the presidents of the rise the military to use lethal force within the territory of the united states. his filibuster is, as i said, still going. now into its eighth hour. while saying repeatedly that he is only looking for the attorney-general of the president himself to clarify whether not american citizens who have not been classified as in the combatants could legally and constitutionally be targeted in the view of the administration. fellow republican senator among others along with democrat ron wyden all have participated in the filibuster to this point. here is senator mike lee of utah questioning the attorney general's response to senator paul's questions. >> no one can reasonably look into this and decide who the government may kill with a draw renter the government may not care what the drone. lou: senator ted crews the tax is accusing the white house of threatening an outright power grab. >> and i would suggest that any time power is irrigated in one place in the executive that liberty is threatened.
on and unlike when the democrats were in charge. >> how about a budget? >> the law says the president was supposed to submit his budget are very poor. it is now almost march 4 and we have never seen it yet. the house has each year passed a budget. we just had paul ryan they are and the budget he will submit this time will balance in 10 years. we are going to getthis right. we are going to offer the american people a plan to get the federal government in order by making smart choices and changers that will grow the economy and get on a better path. lou: does this complement the other leaders on capitol hill? what took so long? >> is a tough and challenging place. we made mistakes along the way. the important thing is that we figured out how to get this right. we have also tried to change the rules in the house to make it a more open process. john boehner led that efrt. to make sure that people could deal with it. lou: does this mean regular order will be applied to all major issues before the house of representatives? >> i certainly hope so. lou: whether it is illegal immigration, the
. at we put the law on your side. thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for proving there's nowhere we can't go. but, at some point... giant leaps gave way to baby steps... and with all due respect, you're history. if you taught us anything, it's that you can't cling to the past... if you want to create the future. that's why, instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. pushing u.s. aviation to new heights. all 80 thousand of us. busy investing billions in the industry's boldest moves. it's biggest advances in technology. bringing our passengers the best, the most spacious fleet in the sky. and earning more awards than any other airline... to show for it. so rather than simply saluting history... we're out there making it. charles: guns are big business, commercial sales of weapons and ammunition hitting $5 billion just last year, and they're growing by double digits. on the phone now, democratic florida state senator audrey gibson pushing a bill that requires bullet buyers to take anger management classes. representative gibson, thanks a lot m
's sort of like if you're not for all of these incredible changes to the laws, perhaps even the constitution, that you are de facto aiding and abetting any mass shooting. and it's felt like this from immediately, like there were people out there who never did like the second amendment, and they found an opportunity to go ahead and make this sort of harsh, you know, move against people who rightfully own guns. and by the way, 99 percent of these lawful gun owners don't commit any crimes. so i do think it is finger pointing -- >> well, if you let me say something, i don't know about the other people, all i know about is this legislation -- charles: but what's the purpose for the anger management course? >> it doesn't point fingers at anyone. it does not ban any guns. it does not ban any ammunition. it just says let's look inside and see what triggers, what triggers may be, may be that would cause me to reach for my gun. charles: okay, senator gibson, what if i have an anger management issue? can i have a gun? i've never committed a crime, i've never hurt anyone, but i fly off
cyber crime laws. their efforts to boost security inside the government. dagen: putting a wet blanket over our nation's capital. connell: time for stocks now. good morning, nicole. nicole: good morning. what a day on wall street. obviously, another exciting day for the bulls out there. you are seeing so many stocks in the green. the bank stocks doing very well. the tech heavy nasdaq is pulling back as well. the nasdaq had been down for four days. when i think of hess, i think of names like google. obviously, not a bad day for the bulls. packing onto yesterdays gains. dagen: thank you. connell: the question after the record close for the dow is how long will this rally last. dagen: we are joined by charles payne and elizabeth macdonald. charles is on every day, you, elizabeth, are not. elizabeth, what do you say? liz: this market is retracing the exact same pattern it did in 2011, 2012. he is saying, you know, watch the members of the dow. the fact that aig, citigroup, gm are no longer in the dow really matter to him. private margins will not hit the peak levels they sell in 2011 and 2
for traditional medicare. neil: we are paying more for health care right now and the cost of the law itself is higher than it was billed. >> let's take a look at the medicare advantage piece i am taught me about. why does it make any fiscal sense? pay 14% more for the same level of service, that is just a fundamental budgetary issue. neil: i always see they both seem to recognize the administration and paul ryan needed to rein in growth of medicare. the eye of the beholder of who'o is doing the job and who is not. i just see a lot of shifting going around whether americans step back from this and say the ryan ship makes sense, what say you? >> it is a terrible thing being in ryan's shoes right now because the media is going to attack what he is coming up with and organizing for action obama's new group, rallied the seniors, demonize this like throwing the meat to the sharks. you will see a massive fight, and yet when you look at the reality, we all recognize we have to do major changes in entitlement and medicare reform. neil: every time someone does, they are jack the ripper. what i'm aski
named topics that have been out there, whether it's investor money coming in or whether it's laws coming out of washington, those headlines have been hot. so i think investors have kind of sled to that sector there especially how easy it is to get baskets of stocks in those sectors through the individual etf. liz: yeah, it's so interesting to watch as we start to at least find a firmer footing when it comes to the economy and see what that really does. thank you very much, gentlemen. good to see you all. any time on the floor show, you are always welcome. if the markets look better, most likely your 401(k)s, your portfolios look better, so will you all still be hitting the big box discount stores? costco came out with some information saying its february same-store sales rose 6%. the street had them looking for an increase of just under 5%. but battling it tooth and nail, wal-mart. wal-mart did cite weakness in february when it posted fourth quarter results. so if you had to pick one of the two to own, should it be costco which right now is moving slightly lower on the tape? it's time fo
.com today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. ♪ gerri: when it comes to saying good-bye, there's very memorable departures. who could forget the fed up flight attenadapt who pull the emergency flight on the last day, even grabbing a beer before going feet first down the slide. we just had another high profile departure, not quite as dramatic, butt -- but the ceo of groupon was fired after a terrible earnings report. the "washington post" declared the ceo writes the best resignation letter ever. i actually think it was one of the worst. it sounded like something written by a 10-year-old, so we have a special guest tonight to read the resignation letter. 10-year-old actor wh recently starred as young charlie chaplain in the broadway muse calg. take it away. >> people of groupon, after four and a half intense and wonderful years as ceo of groupon, i've decided i'd like to spend more time with my family. just kidding. i was fired today. if you're wondering why, you have not been paying attention from controversial metrics in the s1 to materi
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all over the country including in texas, full disclosure. my law firm represents several of the companies that are the major fracking companies in the country, representing texas for many, many years. of course, there's problems. every form of energy extraction including windmills and solar have problems. neil: isn't the governor say let's examine the problems? >> we had the problems for years. neil: right? then why -- obama's another two years do? >> it's getting good reports on how it's done. neil: what's he up to? >> best practices mean you do it with a minimum amount of possible effect on the environment. also, it'll help us in terms of pollution because these natural gas is used, it's significantly less impact on the environment. neil: the governor could have said, look, i'm going to rise above the interest of the environmentalists who cap job growth in my state and make a statement -- should he choose to run for president -- that he's above this. this could have been his clinton, you know, moment. >> you know, i had favorable things to say about andrew and the way h
is not even a human being. >> there are good samaritan laws in the state of california to protect against that. gerri: what do they say? >> she did not have a do not resuscitate order. therefore this nurse would've been protected had she have intervened. that is what you need to do. gerri: you know what it reminds me of? last week we had a story of how medicare is funding even some of the worst nursing homes in the country. even the ones that violate basic protocols or other rules. the federal government continues to send their money. when will be get serious about how the elderly are treated? >> i think we should start getting serious righh now. nursing houses are not a place to warehouse people. people can still have independent lives. this woman had a precious life and any nurse in that situation has to try to save them. gerri: we pay $5.5 billion in those programs. i don't know a single person who is not outraged by this. >> they are supposed to submit their standards and they must not have people who will stand and will let people die. >> any defibrillators come and they need people to be
. we have a problem of spending. the fact that we can produce a budget, which is required by law. the sequestration and continuing resolutions are all self-inflicted wounds. melissa: can you imagine a major corporation in america that did not have a financial plan? it is amazing. all those shareholders would go away. thank you for coming on. we appreciate it. lori: this is your still. melissa: whether or not the wealthiest should pay even more taxes. lori: it is a great conversation. i was not expecting that. it is good to be google. shares of the tech giant searching for higher ground. melissa: states raffling with big decisions. lori: let take a look at metals. no real reaction. virtually unchanged. back after this. ♪ friday night, buddy. you are gonna need a wingman. and my cash back keeps the party going. but my airline miles take it worldwide. [ male announcer ] it shouldn't be this hard. with, it's easy to search hundreds of cards and apply online. lori: quarter after. it is time for another edition of market now. sandra smith on the floor
in this evening as interim president. osama bin laden's son-in-law was bin laden's spokesperson. he was caught in jordan eight days ago. he was brought to the u.s. those are your headlines. let's get you back down to tracy and ashley. ashley: thank you so much. there is a new sheriff in town. his name is scott pruitt. oklahoma attorney general is attacking some of the biggest issues in business. one of the first to challenge president obama's affordable care act. now he is arguing the constitutionality of dodd-frank reform. he is joining us now. thank you so much for joining us. why do you say that dodd-frank is unconstitutional? >> well, actually, there are multiple parts. there is a challenge to title i, title ii and title x. the states are only focused on title ii. title ii is that liquidation authority that is granted to the secretary. if they select a surgeon institution to liquidate, there is only a 24 hours notice for a federal judge to intervene and stop that. what is even more egregious is the states that have invested in some of those institutions do not ever received notice. it is a
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 86 (some duplicates have been removed)